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That Jaeger lead is incredible, thanks for a great product I can trust and rely on. You guys again amaze me. One day service on an order is unheard of. G.S. (White Haven, PA)

...would like to reiterate how pleased I have been with all of your products. I have particularly enjoyed your DD Puppy Manual and find myself constantly referring to it. N.S. (PCB, FL)

I will have no second thoughts to recommend you to others. Thank you for having handled the matter so professionally. You got yourself three very satisfied customers here in Denmark. K.S.M. (Denmark)

... I would like to say thanks a lot for helping the other day. You have set a high example for good service, and I will highly recommend you to all my hunting buddies. A.A. (Denmark)

Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and getting me the collar in the time frame I needed it. It is working wonderfully. I am telling EVERYONE I meet that if they are looking for an e-collar, they should only deal with you. E.D. (Alexandria, VA)

I ordered a Tri- Tronics from you on Monday and I already have it. I wanted to thank you for great service. I will buy from you again. J.S. (Carrollton, TX)

I just wanted to thank you for your webpage; it is very informative and helpful. I have been searching around the internet and other places for prices and information, and you seem to be the least expensive and most informative. J.M. ( Spottswood, NJ)

Your attitude has gotten you a new longer term customer and I will mention your customer service on the new E-collar discussion group I got started a few days ago. PLEASED to have "met" ya! E.L. (Norwalk, CT)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the training collar last Friday. Boomer went through the first level like nothing but after four corrections in the second level she has practically stopped barking altogether and she is much calmer overall. I should have bought one two years ago! Thanks for all your help! D.S. (Alexandria, VA)

I have to say, your service has been unbelievably incredible. I'm going to make sure I send your web address to all my friends with dogs. T.C. (King of Prussia, PA)

Your puppy manual should be a must for every potential and new DD owner. B.P. (Watertown, SD)

I've read the three page primer you sent with the e-collar and found it VERY informative. Thanks so much for being the kind of business I enjoy patronizing, and for treating your cusomers the way I hope I treat mine. J.W. (San Lorenzo, CA)

Thanks. I appreciate your letting me know that you saw my note. I also appreciate that you want to make sure I get what I need, instead of just sending whatever. I like to do business with people who do business that way. P.G. (Sparks, NV)

I called the Tri- Tronics company and they told me the unit was on backorder so they referred me to you. I also checked at a local store and your price is lower. Thanks. H.W. (Roanoke Rapids, NC)

Thank you so much for helping me with the selection of the collar. Look forward to doing business with you in the future and will be sure to forward more customers your way. Semper Fi. R.R. (Papillion, NE)

It was nice talking to you the other day. It's refreshing when an expert like you can take time out of a busy schedule to give advice to a beginner. When the time comes for supplies I'm heading straight to you. M.V. (Eureka, CA)

I recently purchased an Innotek model for my lab Dixie. I asked you several questions and you were very kind in your reply. I just wanted you to know how wonderful she is doing now. She comes when called, and has become a wonderful asset to our family. She no longer Atakes off on a whim @ and stays in the yard. We couldn't be more thrilled with the product, and the service that you provided. A.D. (Mays Landing, NJ)

That's why I deal with you: for your knowledge of E-collars. Some "other guys" only sell them, while others use them and understand the applications for each specific situation. Thank you for doing that for me. T.H. (Fairbanks, AK)

I have received the Altmoor training lead that I ordered, and I just wanted to thank you for providing such a fine product. It is a pleasure to use. The rope has a wonderfully solid feel, as does the beautiful, heavy hardware. The colors of the rope and hardware even match. It sounds funny, but the prospect of using this fine piece of equipment with our lab makes getting up in the morning more fun. Also, I was delighted to discover that your technique of swinging the end of the lead really works. Lucy had often surged ahead a couple feet, often ignoring the choke-chain corrections. A couple harmless thumps on her jaw from the new lead swinging in a circle in front of her caused her to retreat permanently and happily to the perfect position at my knee. Thanks again for a great product. G.S. (Atlanta, GA)

I thought I should take this time and let you know what I think of the jäger lead you sent me a few months ago . While most people have no problem writing to complain about a product when it doesn't meet their expectations I think it only right to let you know how pleased I am with your German jäger-style lead. At the time of purchase I thought it a bit pricey but soon came to value it as one of the best leads I have ever laid down money for. The lead you made for me is everything you said it would be. I will use my leather lead from time to time but your lead will remain my work horse. Thank you for a quality product. J.M. (Colliers, WV)

My, my. Your speed is dazzling! Thank you for such excellent service! D.S. (Joelton, TN)

I have to come and actually thank you for your assistance and advice in picking out an e-collar for my dog Lindy. He is an 11 month old Saint Bernard who just needed a little help. The e-collar did the trick. We followed your instruction sheet and waited a whole 7 days before using it just letting him get use to the collar. Within one afternoon he came when called to the point that we can be in the dog park and let him roam off leash and he will play with another dog and then when called return to us. It is amazing. I am so glad we found you to help us pick the right collar and use it correctly. Now Lindy enjoys roaming the parks free and we can take him and he goes swimming and running and then when needed he comes immediately back to us. It has made his and our lives so much better - we barely push the buttons now - he just knows what to do. S.F. (Germantown, TN)

Thank you for your reply. In this day and age, personal treatment is totally unexpected, but gratefully acknowledged. I will add Altmoor to my "favorites" for all my future orders. Thanks, again! D.H. (Beavercreek, OH)

The collar arrived on Wednesday, a whole day earlier than expected. Bruce (the dog) and I are learning quickly. Both of us are extremely happy with his collar. He has much more freedom here in the city and now we both can enjoy our big backyard. I did expect him to feel mistreated or even some pain/stress. However, I detect none of those feelings and he even seems to love me more and want to be nearer to me than before the e-collar training began. L.F. (Nashville, TN)

I was not kidding that you have given me the best service I have ever received in any industry. Service is the most important thing to me. I know many people are all about price, but I will always pay more for good service. The great thing about you guys is that you get both - great prices and absolutely top-notch service and, on top of it all, stellar dog training/handling/breeding expertise. A.D. (Chicago, IL)

We received our system and really appreciate working with Altmoor. Your website was very informative, prices competitive and the extra information that you put in the box was a great added benefit. I am excited to see small web companies that provide such a great level of service - better than most big companies. Excellent Job! R.S. (Oakland, CA)

Got my unit last Thursday and have begun using it following directions in your “pink pages". What a difference! Gromit, my Leerburg, working lines, GSD has taken to e-training like a duck to water. His off-lead work is much more solid and his heeling has improved greatly (he's a crowder). Your customer service is great! You took my order on Tuesday and I had my collar Thursday afternoon. Three days of wearing the collar on and off and I was training on Sunday. Highest compliments to your company and your products. R.G. (Rochester, NY)

Thank you so much for your prompt service, the Classic 70 arrived today. It is truly a pleasure to deal with a company that cares about their customers. I will definitely contact you for all of my training needs. P.L. (Wooster, OH)

Just wanted to thank you for guiding me as to which collar would suit us and also for the puppy manual. I'm very excited to look through that and learn more. It is so refreshing to be able to call and talk to one of two people that actually know what they sell, in comparison with the big companies that seem to be looking up any info. they can and are still uncertain of what they are telling you. J.S. (San Marcos, TX)

This is one of the best retail web sites I’ve seen. The advice offered is superb. R.G. (Tujunga, CA)

We just wanted to thank you for your prompt response to our order of the Tri- Tronics Classic 70 3-dog collars. My husband was so excited to have received them as quick as he did. This is the second time we have ordered from you and were pleased with the response both times. Also, thanks for the call regarding my email. We hope business is good to you this hunting season. God Bless. W.T. (Trussville, AL)

Thanks for the quick response. I also thank you for your recommendation to a competitor. I will be buying all my dog supplies from you because of your honesty and willingness to steer me in the right direction even if that means I get a product somewhere else. Thank you again. F.K. (Rockaway Point, NY)

You guys have a great site. I actually ordered a collar from a different site ... then found yours, and discovered, through your extensive information, that I had not selected the best collar (not to mention that I was paying more). Returned the collar to the other place, and figured we should order from your site, since you do such a nice job of explaining everything. Thanks! W.S. (Hilliard, OH)

What lead me to buy from you was your helpful and honest evaluation of your products, your personal help, the video selection, as well as the collars, and of course the competitive price. Thank you. S.P. ( Pottsdam, NY)

Was I ever surprised to see the package from you waiting for me when I got home this evening! Your chart was correct and the service is GREAT! E.M. (Frostburg, MD)

Thanks for going to the extra effort to help me out. I can't tell you how much it means to find a really kind person on the other end of cyberspace. C.W. (Sarasota, FL)

I want to take this time to let you know that the electric collar you sold me is even better than you say. This is the first time I have used a collar with the features that are incorporated in your collar. The reward feature really helps in the training. This particular dog, an 18 month Black Lab is responding at a unbelievable rate. I have only used the collar for a period of three weeks and am very satisfied with the results and now am training the dog without the collar. All of the material you provided really helped to understand the principle of the training. Thank you again and I am recommending your email address and site to many of my friends. L.P. (Carson City, NV)

I wanted to write you some time ago to just say 'thank you' for your advice and help for me in selecting the e-collars. Your web-site is just excellent (!) and you were helpful on the phone as well. I purchased e-collars for my dogs in April and as a result the problems I had with my dogs were pretty much resolved within 5 days! They were pretty well trained to begin with, but just had figured out that there was nothing I could do if they were off leash, so.....sometimes, their agenda took priority. They still wear the collars, however, I use it maybe once in two weeks or so. V.K. (Mebane, NC)

I was leery about ordering something over the Internet and when I didn't get my order I thought it would turn into a major problem. What I got was not only a great price but also great service. I have a lot of friends into dogs and will not hesitate to tell them if they are going to order anything Altmoor is the place to do it. Again Thank you... M.M. (Las Vegas, NV)

I just got my new antenna in the mail - thanks again. Also, I tried the suggestions you made for retrieving with Scout. He seems to be finally turning the corner. Thanks for the advice. J.W. (Bangor, ME)

Thanks for your prompt reply. I picked one up on Saturday from Petco . It was last year's model and $45 more than yours! It was also defective. M.B. (Dresher, PA)

Just to say that I get so many compliments on the wonderful manners Charley has with his Dogtra collar. He is a joy to have around; in the field, shopping at the mall, or at home!! L.A. (San Diego, CA)

I received my electronic collar on Monday and I just want to say it was a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate the fact that you were honest about the shelf life and corrected the problem before sending it out to me. Also Thank you for the discount! If I know anyone who need to purchase sports equipment etc., I will highly recommend your web site. It is nice to know there are still some honest people out there in the business world. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. D.F. (Monroeville, NJ)

I thank you for your help. I can't remember dealing with someone so experienced, and so helpful in the line of work in which I was purchasing a product. M.C. (Chatsworth, CA)

Thanks, you have been great to do business with before! Great products at the cheapest prices! T.C. (Harrodsburg, KY)

I had been shopping on ebay, was much confused, found your website and now wouldn't buy from anyone else. Thanks for your professionalism. L.A. (Gardnerville, NV)

I would thank you for great product knowledge and people skills. My purchasing experience was both educational and efficient. I look forward to using my training aid and an opportunity to do business with your company again. M. B. (Charlotte, NC)

Thanx for your response. I’m beyond impressed with your customer service.... 90% of businesses should intern with you! I.A. (Santa Monica, CA)

The recent posts concerning the generally poor quality of xxx products and their dealers' reluctance to satisfactorily replace or repair the collars encourages me to praise a company that does care about its customers. This past Monday I called Altmoor (866-258-6667 and also on the net) to order a training collar. The owner spent a good amount of time with me discussing the advantages/disadvantages of various units and was quite forthright about xxx .. I ended up with a Tri- Tronics unit; Altmoor gave me a discount on the unit and included free shipping. That afternoon they sent me an email with the UPS tracking information so that I could be home when the package arrived. My collar arrived as scheduled and in excellent condition. Altmoor thoughtfully included their own detailed three page set of guidelines and instructions for collar training: even this "old dog" was able to learn a few new techniques from their literature. Bravo Altmoor; you have a friend and customer for the long haul! J.C. (Canton, OH)

Wouldn’t buy my remote training equipment from anyone else! M.B. (North Hampton, NH)

Thank you for going the extra mile to support us. We will be telling everyone we know about your excellent service. D.A. (Brawley, CA)

Thank you so much for the update, and the action you've taken. It is SO nice to deal with someone who actually seems to care, it is so refreshing in this day and age! I will be sure to refer anybody I know to you and will be back for future needs. L.O. (Mount Airy, MD)

Your website was very informative and your response to my queries was so very helpful and prevented me from making a purchase mistake. I felt that my needs were being considered and I was really being taken care of. Thank You! S.S. ( Powhaten, VA)

Email: outdoors at altmoor dot com
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