Shipping Notice
Normal order processing time can be up to 5 to 7 business days, regardless of shipping level.

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Want to place a secure on-line order?

First, fill your shopping cart from our catalog by clicking on the buttons next to your chosen items. The default quantity is "1", but you can type in a different number. Your shopping cart will remember your choices as you move from page to page. When ready to check out, click on the Shopping Cart link which can be found on the menu at left and in the top right corner on every page. This will take you to your Shopping Cart. From there you can review your order, review individual items, change quantities, remove items, continue shopping or check out. Click on the Continue button to check out. There are four steps during checkout.

At all points in the process, you can click on the back button on the order form pages, or in your browser, to go back and make changes or to continue shopping. Nothing is final until you click on the Continue button on the Payment screen: you can review your order and order total, and input all of your information, and still change your mind just by going back. You can delete items or your entire order from the Shopping Cart screen.

Your payment information is securely collected and transmitted using PayPal. We retrieve your order the same way; absolutely NO sensitive payment information will be transmitted unsecurely or by email.

Please be sure to fill in your name exactly as it appears on your card and use the exact address to which the credit card company sends your bills. If the address you supply does not match your credit card records, your order will be delayed until we can reach you to obtain the correct address. It's okay if you need your order shipped to a different address.

Want to know what we charge for shipping?

We ship only to addresses within the USA which are served by the US Postal Service. We no longer use UPS. All orders of $99 or more include free shipping to the United States. For orders of less than $99, the shipping/handling/small order charge is $12.00.

under $99 - $ 12.00
$99 and up - Free

We no longer do any form of upgraded shipping.

Non-USA Orders

With apologies to our international friends and potential customers, we regret to advise that we no longer accept non-USA orders. This exclusion also applies to Canada, Mexico, and APO's. This means that if the order cannot be delivered by United States Postal Service (USPS) domestic services, we cannot accept the order. We also cannot accept orders where the credit card holder does not have, according to bank records, a United States billing address.

International customers may wish to have a friend in the US place and receive the order, and then have the friend handle the overseas shipping and monetary reimbursement.

Email: outdoors at altmoor dot com
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