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RETRIEV-R-TRAINER - When it's the point in your dog's training that it's time to get the dummies waaaay out there, this is the ticket. Powered by special .22 cal. blanks (obtainable through us and many other sporting dog supply outfits, or your local lumber yard). Designed for use with special launcher dummies. In our view, this is the best one on the market, and it comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. We highly recommend that you also purchase a hip-stock. We don't sell this equipment as a kit because we feel that our prices are such that you can save money by deciding for yourself which items you want. Be sure to handle this item as though it were a firearm!

Retriev-R-Trainer - $85

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RETRIEV-R-TRAINER HIP/SHOULDER STOCK - Fits on the Retriev-R-Trainer. Helps you launch dummies even further, and, most importantly, enables one-hand launches, leaving one hand free for steadying dog.

Retriever Trainer Shoulder/Hip Stock - $50

LAUNCHER DUMMIES - These are the standard foam dummies for power launchers and will fit all standard launchers, in red or white, with tails (flappers).

Foam Launcher Dummy, Red w/ tail - $22
Foam Launcher Dummy, White w/ tail - $22
Canvas Launcher Dummy, White - $20

CANVAS DUMMIES - We stock three versions. One is the standard size for adult dogs, made of canvas, and about 3x12”, natural canvas color. The other two are intended for use with pups. We’ve started stocking the weighted canvas dummy because supply chain issues have created backlogs up to almost a year for the fire hose dummies, so when we run out, we’ll be out. Both puppy dummies are about 2” by 9”. The fire hose dummies are slightly oval in cross section while the weighted are cylindrical. Both float well, but the weighted one can be thrown further. Both are equally suitable for young pups. All three normally come with an attached throw rope, but sometimes a shipment will come through without. The fire hose puppy dummy is pictured below.

Canvas Dummy - Medium (3 x 12") - $10
Canvas Weighted Puppy Dummy (2 x 9") - $10
Fire Hose Puppy Dummy (2 x 9") - $10
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