vom Altmoor Deutsch-Drahthaars


Thank you for providing us with a wonderful Deutsch-Drahthaar puppy... our vet commented on the quality of dog that we had received... after spending almost three years researching this breed, we couldn't have asked for a better experience with a breeder... it is great to know that if we have any questions or concerns, we have an expert source to turn to... M. & C. Stemen, OH

Sabre is such a joy and real smart, a real fast learner... learns and retains super fast... W. & B. Parker, ID

... a bold, intelligent, and strong-willed dog... has unlimited abilities and could be one of those once in a lifetime dogs... I believe he is 50% amphibian... R. Green, WY

...I am becoming very impressed with everyone connected with VDD/GNA... T. Danahey, MI

Tess is a fine dog... excellent hunting qualities and lovely companion qualities... lovable disposition... displays a true loyalty we don't see in other breeds... you two should be congratulated on the caliber of dog you produce... a wonder in the field... uncanny nose... born retriever and pointer... tracking like a beagle at the site of a bird fall for several hundred yards and retrieving a cripple to hand... all of this by nature, I just took her hunting and we developed a mutually agreeable working relationship... a loyal and attentive house dog, great with the kids and very manageable... I am a true believer in the quality and natural ability of a VDD dog... P. & K. Quill, NY

Allie is seven months now and doing great... I have a hard time keeping her ashore... B. Peterson, MD

Absolutely wonderful dog... more passion for retrieving than any Lab... works terrific with falcons... staunch pointer... in WY, works ahead of car for sage grouse... H. Brinkerhoff, Altamont Flyfishers, Falcon's Ledge Guide Service, Altamont, UT

Lives to hunt - ducks, geese and grouse in Maryland, quail and ducks in Alabama, pheasant, quail, and ducks in Ohio..., pheasant and quail in Kansas...and rabbits... as targets of opportunity. She is a staunch pointer and thoroughly dependable retriever, and I have successfully run her in both VDD and NAVHDA tests... J. English, DVM, OH

At 11 months, I am very pleased with Paladin II in all aspects. He is a very enthusiastic and eager hunter and willing to hit the river or bust the brush for retrieving and he is doing very well with pointing and retrieving upland game. Dr. T. Bailey, WY

Down in Montana, 38 wild roosters in 3 days! Fleta (aka Furn) was the star of the hunt. She worked from dawn till dark thru tough conditions. Got quilled, pulled them with pliers and kept on pointing and retrieving beyond belief... Other than a little trouble getting the zip lock bags closed after she cleans and guts the birds, she's everything I could have hoped for.. A. Kozlowski, NY

Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family. He is without a doubt, the best dog I have ever owned. J. & K. McIntosh, PA

I have difficulty trying to think of words to express my gratitude to you both for allowing me to take care of Molly in her retirement. She is a real pleasure as a companion, and superb hunting partner. S. Bollinger, VA

Nike has a wonderful personality and has proven to be a great family dog. At four months old she actually did better than some dogs I have hunted with that have been hunting for 2 and 3 years. Thank you for sell us a wonderful dog! D. Mattson, ND

We've enjoyed Cirro (aka Jäger) very much. His coat is a real asset up here in New England. Cold doesn't bother him! We were all amazed at how quickly he grew and learned. His nose is very impressive. He's a good dog and a welcome member of the family. Bob Norris, NH

We couldn't be more pleased with Quinta (aka Pepper)... she is affectionate and always wants to be a part of what we are doing... her hunting instinct is very strong... she always works into the wind... her nose is always working... water training is really a thrill for her, she can't get enough... she literally lunges and leaps into the water... Bodo was very complimentary of her and your breeding program, said she is one of the most intense pointers he's worked with and described her as "one hell of a good dog"... Dr. K. Christianson, ND

Tessie is the best damn dog we've ever owned. My wife who is not a dog lover, would shoot me if anything ever happened to this dog. She's great with my children, in the field and around the house. This is the first DD we've ever owned and we couldn't be happier about our selection. I've always had purebreed hunting dogs that were purchased from so-called reputable breeders. The entire experience from start to finish of purchasing Tessie and her delivery to us in Texas was a professional and pleasurable one. Roger Smith was forthright with me in his comments, I would highly recommend him and his fine kennel, Altmoor. D.Tyson, San Antonio, TX

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