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If you have spent some time on our Deutsch-Drahthaar site, or entered through the "front door", you've already seen The Suzy Photo. It was taken during a brant hunt in Great Bay near Tuckerton NJ in December 2002. The following links will show you some more of our outings over the last half-dozen years or so. This will probably give you a better idea of our lifestyle and what we do with our dogs than we could ever explain in text. Click on a photo to see an enlargement.

Two little cuties in the snow - see ya next year when you're grown up! Maybe then you'll bring Granddad with you. (January 2022)
Launching for a late-season duck hunt in January - gonna go bust some ice on the Rancocas Creek. (January 2022)
A view from the blind - late-season deer hunting in the January snow. (2022)
After a successful hunt, Roger and Cara III follow a trawler out to Delaware Bay. (December 2021)
A cold December morning on the tidal marsh, but worth wearing every piece of extra clothing that we brought along! (2021)
Ed with our trophy of the day at Oyster Creek - oh well, it was a nice paddle. (December 2021)
Roger and Quinn after her retrieve of a long fall. (2021)
Quinn and Nancy, Oyster Creek. ( November 2021)
A very proud Della with the ducks she retrieved for us in some nasty cover, including a black duck banded 9 years prior in Vermont. (October 2021)
Taking out on the Maurice River with Della, and chatting with some fisherman. (October 2021)
Come on, let's get to the ducks! Nancy bundled up against the cold, Della just waiting to go for a swim. (October 2021)
Jump shooting the early duck season in blue-bird weather with Della. (2021)
A cold, rainy dawn wood duck hunting with Della. (2021)
Mad Horse Creek with Della. This 1970 Grumman Sport Canoe was Roger's first new boat. Fifty-one years later and still duck hunting with it! (2021)
Altmoor generations - Della V, age 19 mos, on Nancy's right, and Della's mother Cara III, age 9, on her left. (2021)
Hot day at Game Creek - there's a chuckar in here Mom! Della at a year and half after passing VGP the month before. (2021)
Macie IV adores Roger on a duck hunt while Ed does the work. (2021)
Roger's winter buck. (January 2021)
An afternoon at Bent Creek with Bob Budin: Della V at 10 months living up to her stellar HZP in September. (November 2020)
Della V relaxing on the Oswego while learning to kayak. (June 2020)
There it is - no dog needed for this one! ( January 2020)
Took out the feeder on the run - didn't get far, and left the bottom third of his heart behind, courtesy of a Valmet O/U and Brenneke slug. (January 2020)
Yum - Black Ducks like mussels, too. (2020)
The speck in the center is Macie returning with a Black Duck at Thompson's Beach, Delaware Bay. (January 2020)
C'mon Dad, we have mor ice to break - Macie waiting for launch. (Salem County, January 2020)
Macie waiting for Roger in his Melges Duck Skiff - which he drove to Wisconsin to buy in 1988. (January 2020)
Tess pinning a running pheasant for Nancy. (2019)
NJ Wood Ducks. (2019)
NJ Pheasant with Mady IV and Macie IV. (2019)
Back at the truck with Quinta IV and Cara III. (Maine 2019)
Maine Grouse. (2019)
Rainy grouse hunt. (Maine - 2019)
Tessa IV and Nancy - Maine grouse. (2019)
Roger's Alpha - tracking Nancy and the dogs in Maine. (2019)
Roger keeping track of everyone on his Garmin Fenix. (Maine - 2019)
Mady IV and Nancy - Maine woodcock. (2019)
Macie IV and Roger - Maine grouse. (2019)
Macie IV retrieving a long fall following a 63 yd Hail Mary shot by Roger. (Maine grouse - 2019)
Have dogs, will travel. We left the kitchen sink home. (2019)
The Maine woods will never look the same! (2019)
Look Mom, somebody's following us. (Tessa IV - 2018)
Is this what you meant by camo up, Dad? (Tessa IV 2018)
Roger on a kayak jump shoot (2018)
Quinta IV retrieving crippled Canada. (Christmas Day 2018)
Quinta IV with 21 lbs. of Christmas goose. (2018)
Tessa IV lounging in the kayak with Nancy. (2018)
Roger with Cara IV (age 5 1/2) and Ottavia III (age 12). (2018)
Tessa IV getting the express ride up. (2018)
Thanksgiving weekend hunt with Ottavia III and Cara IV. (2018)
Nancy and Tessa IV loading up. (2018)
Jumping woodies. (2018)
Roger with Quinta IV on a late season kayak hunt. (2018)
Roger in tree stand. (2018)
Nancy and Tessa IV loading up. (2018)
Photo Shoot - Nancy with Quinta IV and Tessa IV. (2018)
Nancy and Tessa IV on an early season jump shoot. (2018)
Quinta IV supervising Roger. (2018)
Quinta IV with Roger's drake mallard. (2018)
Scouting Delaware Bay in the Sport Canoe with Quinta IV. (2018)
Nancy and Tessa IV at NJ HZP. (2018)
Harbor seal in Great Bay. (May 2018)
February quail with Tessa IV.(2018)
Delaware Bay tidal creek black duck hunt with Quinta IV. (2018)
Tessa IV at 8 months with her first pheasant - tracked, pointed, retrieved. (2017)
Nancy and Tessa IV - Tess's first pheasant hunt with Nancy's and Roger's limit. (2017)
Kayak jump shoot in South Jersey the week after Michigan grouse hunt - Nancy with Mady IV. (2017)
Nancy with Quinta IV and Nancy and Roger's pheasants. (2017)
End of hunt - Nancy with Wendy III. (2017)
Michigan woodcock - Nancy and Wendy III. (2017)
Tessa IV (6 mos. old) playing in Lake Michigan. (2017)
Macie IV in the Michigan grouse woods. (2017)
Sight-seeing - en route to Crisp Point on Lake Superior. (2017)
Sunset at Crisp Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior. (2017)
Roger with Wendy III and her daughter Tessa IV in Michigan. (2017)
Yippee! there's dad - Talei III. (2017)
Nancy with Ottavia III (age 11) and her granddaughter Tessa IV (6 mos.) in Michigan. (2017)
Ottawa National Forest. (2017)
On the road again - Nancy with Talei at pit stop on the way to Michigan. (2017)
Nancy with Mady IV and Talie III - Michigan grouse hunt. (2017)
Beaver trapping. (February 2017)
Nancy with bluefish in Great Bay (April 2017)
Swans on ice, mallards springing in background - West Jersey Bogs, February. (2017)
Cara III retrieving Wood Duck. (2016)
Roger with bluefish caught on the troll in Little Egg Inlet. (2016)
Nancy and Roger with sisters Mady IV and Macie IV at the 2016 International Armbruster.
Nancy with Mady IV at the 2016 International Armbruster in Des Plaines.
Roger with bluefish, Little Egg Inlet. (2016)
Nancy with Mady IV at 2016 International Armbruster.
Mady IV with Nancy after successful drag track at the Armbruster (2016)
Cara III with snow goose. (2016)
Macie IV with Roger after a successful track and retireve. (2016)
Wendy III with Nancy and Roger at hunt club ring shoot. (2016)
Sisters Mady IV and Macie IV rabbit hunting with friend Mark in preparation for VJP. (2016)
Permit shotgun doe. (December 2016)
Nancy with Mady IV during rabbit drive at NJ VJP. (2016)
Tavi duck hunting with her friend at West Jersey Bogs. (2016)
Feeding deer. (2016)
Local NJ wildlife - grey tree frog. (2015)
Roger with friend Don (both far right) with the proceeds of a canyon fishing trip. (2015)
Ingrid with Roger at VJP. (2015)
Nancy officiating at HZP - Colliers Mills NJ. (2015)
Talei with Montana shed. (2015)
Taking a rest in Montana - Cara and Roger. (2015)
Nancy with Mady's first bird at 6 1/2 months - Montana Hun. (2015)
Nancy and Mady in Montana . (2015)
Mady at 6 1/2 months with her pheasant and Nancy in Montana. (2015)
Cara on Huns in Montana. (2015)
Tavi (Ottavia III) comes through for Nancy on the last day of a Montana hunt. (2015)
Ingrid making a marshy retrieve of a drake mallard in the early duck season. (2015)
Macie at 9 months with Roger and pheasant - Manahawkin NJ. (2015)
Cara waiting for the action to start on a late season kayak jump shoot. (2015)
Delaware Bay Otter. (2014)
Look what I found! (Cara 2014)
What are you looking at? Deer at Roger's feeder. (2014)
The day before Christmas Eve, Delaware Bay - Cara retrieiving black duck. (2014)
Taking out after a Mullica River jump shoot - Talei and Mallard. (2014)
Roger's view from his deer blind. (2014)
Scene from a kayak jump shoot - American Mink on the bank. (2014)
One of Roger's deer. (2014)
Cara with her fox - South Jersey kayak duck hunt. (2014)
Cara's Wood Duck drake after a long fall and track during a kayak jump shoot. (2014)
Nancy and Roger - Michigan grouse hunt. (2014)
Nancy and Wendy with woodcock. (2014)
Michigan grouse hunt - Nancy and Wendy. (2014)
Pixie with Nancy - Michigan grouse. (2014)
Nancy pointing out the covers she had finished. Michigan grouse hunt. (2014)
Wendy with Nancy and grouse - Michigan. (2014)
Don planning our attack while Cara waits on the tailgate. Michigan. (2014)
Nancy and Wendy trekking uphill during Michigan grouse trip.(2014)
Hunting the edges in Michigan. (2014)
Nancy and Roger at Sleeping Bear Dunes. (2014)
Don and Max (Tavi's son) with their grouse - Michigan grouse trip. (2014)
Nancy and Tavi take the hilltop. Michigan grouse hunt. (2014)
Don with Tavi's son Max. (2014)
Ingrid with her cottontail and Roger. Michigan. (2014)
Cara's patented side-eye - with Roger on a South Jersey duck hunt. (2014)
Roger, Cara, Nancy, and Tavi - Michigan grouse hunt. (2014)
Cara retrieving Wood Duck. (2014)
Successful kayak duck hunt - Roger. (2014)
Cara (rear) and Wendy (front) with Nancy and Wendy's Snowshoe hare. (2014)
End of the hunt - feeding and grooming near Tug Hill NY. (2014)
Wendy enjoying her Nancy time for grooming after the hunt. (2014)
Cara (back) and Wendy (front) break time during a grouse hunt in NY. (2014)
Pixie (left) and Talei (right) with Roger and grouse in NY. (2014)
Nancy and Wendy with Woodcock. (2014)
Great Bay NJ - the blues are running. (2014)
Nancy's new crossbow did the job. (2014)
Cara on point. (2014)
Cara surfing in April, Brigantine NJ. And no, she couldn't find the stripers and blues. (2014)
Nancy and Wendy on a late season duck hunt in a tidal creek of Delaware Bay. (2014)
Pixie and kayak loaded into the Xterra. (2014)
Taking out after a Mullica River jump shoot - Cara and black duck. (2014)
Cara with a pair of Buffleheads - tidal creek jump shoot. (2014)
Cara gettng muddy retrieving Brant at low tide on Absecon Bay. (2014)
View from Roger's deer stand. (2013)

Cara with Roger at Armbruster Demopolis Alabama. (2013)

Roger on kayak jump shoot. (2013)
Nancy and Tavi kayaking in a tidal creek off Delaware Bay. (2013)
Launch point - kayak jump shoot - Delaware Bay tidal creek. (2013)
Transition - drop off fishing boat for winter service and kayak jump shoot on the way home. (2013)
Cara in Roger's kayak - looking for ducks. (2013)
Reload and Retrieve - Nancy and Tavi. (2013)
Nancy and Tavi showing off a Wood Duck. (2013)
Roger and Talei. (2013)
Crossing a beaver dam on a kayak jump shoot - Tavi getting ready to hitch a ride. (2013)
Cara retrieving a live Wood Duck after a light hit and a several hundred yard track through the marsh. (2013)
Cara's first kayak jump shoot. (2013)
Uninvited visitor - Cara III checking out a beaver lodge. (2013)
Roger's 65th birthday bucket list bear. Blood track by Uschi III vom Altmoor. (2012)
Talei III's first rabbit, at 9 months of age. (2010)
Preparing Talei III (9 mos.) and Uschi III "Greta" (8 mos.) for VJP. (2010)
A fur and feather VJP prep day for Talei III ( 9 mos.). (2010)
Ten-month old Talei III with the birds the other dogs missed. (2010)
Talei's first brant retrieve, on a cold December day near Absecon NJ, at the age of 8 months. (2009)
Nancy with Jack Bergin and 8 month old Talei, 3 year old Tavi, and 9 year old Cassie. (2009)
Eight-month old Talei III after kayaking for a black and brant limit. (2009)
Nancy and Tavi with Ed and 8 mo. Talei II after a fun session at Powderbourne. (2009)
Tavi with deer after a successful 16-hour old blood track . (2009)
Roger and Talei (age 8 months) on her first kayak jump shoot. (Tidal creek off Delaware Bay - 2009)
Roger with Pixie at VJP - straight 11's for a total score of 77 points. (2008)
Nancy and Tavi at VJP - straight 11's for a total of 77 points. (2008)
Angie waits patiently for Roger to unload the kayak after a January jump shoot in the tidal creeks near Leed's Point, NJ. (2008)
An afternoon at Game Creek Farms helps get Tavi and Pixie ready for VJP. (2008)
Nancy and Angie with first grouse of the trip. (2007)
Nancy - on the left - and Tavi ready for a grouse. (2007)
Roger and Nancy with Angie and Tavi, Watertown NY. (2007)
Nancy takes a break with yearling Tavi after a rough couple of days in grouse cover. (2007)
All I get is a cracker after all this work?! (2007)
Tavi is still friend's with Roger even though he can only hit woodcock. (2007)
Nancy can actually hit grouse from time to time. (2007)
A nice afternoon. (2007)
Andrea and Joe Norton show us the Catskill grouse covers, with Gunnar, Suzy and Angie. (2007)
Suzy breaks ice out and back at age 10 1/2 for three December Canadas. (2007)
George and Ed at our club after a little help from Suzy. (2007)
Mira thinks this was an okay morning with Roger. (2007)

Would you just take the picture already? If Roger's not shooting, he's making us all pose for pictures. (Mira - 2007)

Pixie, Roger and Tavi at the parents' for dinner after a rough day on a WMA. (2007)
Would you quit looking at the camera and take this from me? (Mira and Roger - 2007)
Nike and Nancy start picking up decoys after a decent morning at the club. (2007)
Nike supervises Roger picking up decoys. Maybe we should teach her to do it since she's so nosy. (2007)
How many woodcock do you see in this photo? Port Republic NJ. (2007)
A chopper blue ready for the smoker. Taken off Long Beach Island NJ. (2006)
Mira, will you PLEASE stay in the kayak?! (2006)
One of our hidden spots at the duck club.
Off Beach Haven NJ - a day off for some striper fishing. (2006)
Roger and Suzy had a good morning at our duck club while Nancy was at work. (2006)
Jack Bergin and Suzy hiding behind an island while Roger goes out in the second kayak to stir up some brant near Reed's Bay and the Absecon Islands. (2006)
Birko bringing a brant back while Roger waits in the kayak. Tide's going out and it's rough going through the muck. (2006)
Nancy lets Birko and Angie take a break to warm up on the sunny bank behind Beach Haven Inlet during a January hunt. (2006)
Angie, Roger and Birko enjoying a January bluebird day on the salt marsh near Tuckerton NJ. (2006)
Roger and Suzy admiring their Oldsquaw taken in Great Bay NJ (2006)
Roger getting Mira some rabbit exposure before VJP. (2006)
Nancy and Suzy wait for the bite to start on a chilly spring day. (2006)
Nancy and baby Mira, launching on the Tuckahoe River. (Summer 2005)
Roger returns to the latest mothership by kayak. Early duck season in a tidal creek off Delaware Bay. (2005)
Angie waits as Nancy goes from kayak to duck boat. (2005)
Nancy and Angie watch for Roger. Angie isn't ready to quit and sits hopefully in the kayak. (2005)
Roger and Suzy with gun and rod - striper and duck on the menu today. (2005)
Nancy and Angie with gun and rod. (2005)
Gave up on the shooting today - trying for stripers. Angie's disgusted with the lack of results in either department. (2005)
Nancy and Angie on a cold weather jump shoot during the late season. (2005)
Nancy takes the boat back to the ramp at the end of the day. (2005)
Altmoor version of cast and blast. On a tidal creek off Delaware Bay. (2004)
The ducks weren't flying, but the stripers were biting. (2004)
Suzy back with a black duck during a jump shoot in the Sport Canoe. (2004)
Nancy and Angie with a nice afternoon's take. (2004)
Roger and Suzy return from a little jump shoot off the Mullica River. (2004)
Roger returns to the Skeeter. Tide's going out. (2004)
It's a consensus - Nancy, Angie and Suzy all agree - "Too High." (2003)
Nancy, Angie and Suzy, taking out at Bivalve on the Maurice River. (2003)
Nancy still thinks the brant will fly. Angie's bored and looking for crabs. (2002)
Nancy and Angie in a blind at our duck club. (2002)
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