vom Altmoor Deutsch-Drahthaars

Buyer Prerequisites

At vom Altmoor, we place our Deutsch-Drahthaar pups only with licensed hunters. While we do not insist that buyers join the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar breed club or test their dogs, we do expect that they will respect our wishes and never breed their dog outside of the VDD system. We don't demand that our buyers be experienced dog trainers - over the years we've found that first timers often do as well or better by their pups than those more experienced.

We prefer to place our dogs in environments where they will get lots of house time, but where an outside kennel run is also available. We will not place our pups in hunting preserves or other situations where they will be kept exclusively in an outside kennel run without significant daily family contact.

Except for puppy picking/pick-up, we no longer do kennel visits. The reason is that we get so many requests that one of us would have to quit our day job to accommodate them all. Hunting, training, and fishing has to take priority whenever we have any spare time. And, given the availability of information these days, we think there are more efficient ways for those new to the Deutsch-Drahthaar to learn a great deal.

If initially you would just like to know more about the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar breeding and testing system, and learn more about our ideas on raising and training a Deutsch-Drahthaar pup, we'd suggest that you consider purchasing our Drahthaar Puppy Manual. We think that you'll find it very helpful, whether you end up purchasing a pup from us or another VDD breeder. It should answer almost all of your questions about DD's and their basic training - much more than we could ever cover during a visit or phone conversation. A number of VDD breeders give this manual out with every pup which they place. Click here for more information or to order your puppy manual now.

Once you have read the Drahthaar Puppy Manual, taken a look at the VDD/GNA website (and hopefully other breeders' websites) and carefully reviewed our "Costs and Guarantees" page, please send us an email if you're still interested in the possibility of obtaining a puppy from us. Tell us a little about your situation and which sex pup you're interested in, and we'll notify you when the next breeding takes place. At that point, we can spend some time on the phone kicking things around and getting to know each other. And, while you're still in the research phase, hopefully we'll be able to tell you about a test that's within driving distance where you can get a look at dogs from several breeders, get to see the dogs in action, and meet some folks involved with the breed club.

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