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Altmoor Pointer Trademark
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Garmin first entered the sporting dog world with their Astro, a GPS dog tracking system that was terrific.  Their next move was to purchase Tri-Tronics, the USA manufacturer of what most consider to be the gold standard in electronic dog training collars.  Then, along came the Garmin Alpha, a pricey but incredible combination GPS dog tracker and electronic training collar which we wouldn’t be without for hunting  or anytime we have the dogs out in the woods and fields off lead.  Then Garmin came out with a replacement for the Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter.  Next was the introduction in May of 2013 of the Garmin Delta line of electronic dog training collars.  These units, like most or all Garmin products are made in Taiwan. (Dogtra products are made in Korea, while all other major brands are made in Korea or, more commonly, China.)

From our perspective, the Delta line was initially aimed at the beginning to intermediate e-collar user. The base system was simply called the Delta, while the version with more features and increased range was called the Delta Sport.  Certain features are common to the Delta’s.  The warranty is one year.  Both transmitter and collar receiver use rechargeable user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries with a two hour recharge time and a 60 hour run time (much longer for the handheld).  Both components are waterproof and show battery level. The units can be expanded to control up to three dogs by purchasing additional collar receivers and straps.  You can pre-program a different configuration and different intensity level for each dog. The handheld device has an LCD screen which indicates mode, battery level, and which dog is being controlled. Dog selection, intensity level selection, and mode selection are by means of side-mounted selection keys. Training keys are on the face of the unit. We’re pleased to report that none of the buttons/keys lend themselves to accidental activation – they require a distinct press. The handheld comes with a neck lanyard. The handheld is light (3.7 oz) and palm-sized, readily fitting into a work shirt pocket. (And, it floats!) The collar receiver is also quite small and light (2.4 oz) , being recommended for any size dog down to about 8 pounds. The original Delta models did not have changeable length contact points. The additional collar receivers for dogs 2 and 3 are identical, regardless of whether you use a Delta or Delta Sport, except that you’ll want to buy and put them onto either a blue or red strap.

The Delta Sport has a ¾ mile range, continuous and momentary stimulation, tone and vibration modes, and five training configurations.  Plus, from the handheld, the collar receiver can be switched over to a bark collar configuration.  (Note that this is an auto-rise type bark collar, which doesn’t work well for every dog – some do better with models which feature fixed stimulation levels.)  The DS has the same three training configurations as the Delta, plus two more, plus the ability to be switched over to being a bark collar, as mentioned.  The two additional configurations of the DS are:
CMM = Continuous (high), Momentary (high), Momentary (low)
MCC = Momentary (high), Continuous (high), Continuous (low);  (Comment – For the Altmoor method of “escape training”, this is the only configuration that we would be able to use.

In mid-2015, Garmin introduced the "XC" version of the Delta, which is now the only Delta model we keep in inventory.

We have personally used a Delta Sport and Sport XC to train several dogs and have found that that they are terrific compact trainers.The new Delta Sport XC is suitable for beginner and professional alike.

Delta Sport XC

The Delta Sport XC, introduced in 2015, as well as being more feature-rich, remedies the two primary weaknesses of the original Delta Sport. The XC has changeable length contact points, and can usually provide high enough stimulation to stop determined dogs.

Garmin Name and Model # Price View Buy
Delta Sport XC (010-01470-01) $220 Details
Collar Strap Blue 3/4" (11870-06) $13.50 Details
Collar Strap Red 3/4" (11870-02) $13.50 Details
Collar Strap Black 3/4" (11870-00)  $13.50 Details
Delta Tx Holster (11887-00)  $25 Details


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