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Dogtra 3500 NCP

Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X

The Dogtra 3500NCP is the first of Dogtra's new Super-X series, so-called because of the eXtra features, eXceptional range, and suitability for eXtreme training and field conditions. It is fully waterproof and has a one-mile range. It has 127 levels of momentary (nick) and continuous stimulation, as well as a non-stimulating pager/vibration setting, and a "mild" setting for sensitive dogs. The rheostat dial allows for gradual adjustment of stimulation, while the LCD window displays the intensity level, along with a three bar battery life indicator. The collar receiver has an antimicrobial plastic casing and surgical stainless steel contact points to minimize irritation to your dog's skin. The transmitter and collar receiver are rechargeable and use quick-charging lithium-polymer batteries which take only two hours to charge.

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Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X - $320
Dogtra 3502NCP Super- X 2 Dog - $455
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