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Current Models:

2006 G2, G2 EXP, and G3 Series - Covers all G2, G2 EXP and G3 models, with instructions for adding additional collar receivers. Also includes a basic training guide.

Field Marry Guide - How to add an EXP collar receiver to your EXP or G3 system.

2005 G2 Field and Professional Series - Covers the Classic 70 G2, Field 90 G2, Flyway Special G2, Pro 100 G2, Pro 200 G2, Pro 500 G2, Trashbreaker Ultra G2, and Upland Special G2.

G2 Sport Series - covers the Sport 50 G2 and Sport 50 Camo G2, Sport 60 G2, Sport 80C G2, Sport 80M G2, Sport 65 BPR G2, Multi-Sport 2 G2, and Multi-Sport 3 G2.

G2 Beeper - Covers the Accessory Beeper which can be used with the Tri-Tronics G2 Field or Pro e-collars, as well as the beepers that come with the Upland Special G2 and Sport 65 BPR G2.

G3 Upland Beeper - Covers the G3 Upland Beeper introduces in 2011, which can be used as a stand-alone beeper or in combination with a G3 e-collar.

Bark Limiter XS

G2 Basic Training Guide - this is the same primer that comes packaged with the G2 remote training collars.


Discontinued Series Models:

Pro and Field S/XLS Series - covers the Classic 70S , Field 90, Trashbreaker UltraXLS, Flyway SpecialXLS, Upland SpecialXLS, Pro 100XLS, Pro 200XLS, and Pro 500XLS.

Sport S Series - covers the Sport 50S, Sport 60S, Sport 80C, Sport 80M, Sport 65 BPRS, Multi-Sport 2S, and Multi-Sport 3S.

Accessory Beeper - covers the Accessory Beeper, and the beepers that come with the Upland SpecialXLS and Sport 65 BPRS.

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