30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Discontinued

In 2011, the manufacturers we represent notified their dealers that they are no longer offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. That means we at Altmoor cannot offer such a guarantee either. Coverage is limited to a warranty against manufacturing defects. Our customers must deal directly withthe manufacturers in those cases. What this means to you as a consumer is that you must be certain that you are making the correct purchasing decision the first time around. We sometimes encounter customers who receive a unit and then learn that the professional trainer they work with wants them to use something different. There are sometimes customers who receive a unit and decide they want one with different features, or that they are uncomfortable using an e-collar at all. In any of these or similar circumstances, we will no longer be able to help. Your only recourse will be to sell the unit to a friend or perhaps an online auction site or similar. We regret that we can no longer assist our customers in such matters, but be assured that we will always go to every extent to make sure that you are purchasing the correct unit.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, you should assume that the manufacturer's warranty on electronics is for one year.