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Upcoming Litters

Below you will find information on our current or upcoming litters. If you would like to reserve a pup just send us an email - - with your name, address, phone number, and a couple of sentences about your dog and hunting background, as well as your family situation, including the breed, age and sex of dogs currently in the household. (Please be sure to read our Costs and Guarantees and Buyer Prerequisites first.) You should also to purchase a copy of our Drahthaar Puppy Manual – it will help you to understand what the VDD system is all about and how we prefer to see our pups raised and trained. Our primary prerequisites in accepting reservations are that we believe the pup will be going to a home where hunting is a very high priority and it will receive a lifetime of great affection and care. We will not place pups with commercial hunting operations where they might spend their lives in a kennel run with little or no family contact. We do not want our pups going to homes that believe in “positive only” training. Also understand that we and VDD have very strict policies against registering pups with registries other than VDD. While always appreciated, we do not require that buyers agree to put their pup through the German testing system.

The cost of a puppy from our 2016 litters will be between $1,500 and $1,800. When you email us requesting to be on the reservation list we’ll let you know the pricing on that litter, and you can certainly back off at that point if you would like. If you would like to confirm your reservation we will then ask you to send us a $150 non-refundable reservation fee, by means of personal check. Males and females are the same price. Price differences, if any, between litters, are entirely the result of possible differences in the costs associated with the use of a particular stud. We consider each parent, while very much a unique individual, to be equally valuable, and every pup we place to have equally terrific potential, regardless of litter pricing.

Please also be aware that when the pups will be ready to go home can vary by a week or so either way, but you must be prepared to take possession of your pup when it is ready. We typically cannot hold pups while you go on vacation, for example. In cases like that it would be best to switch to a different litter.

As you research our litters, note that in our summaries for each parent, on the third line under each dog's name, are the highest scores received in a VDD/JGHV test in the categories of Nose (N), Field Search (S), Pointing (P), Duck Track (D), and Cooperation (C). With certain exceptions, the highest score that can be obtained in these categories is 11 in the breed tests (where "very good" is scored 9-11). We've linked to additional photos of each dog next to their names in the litter announcement. If you'd like to see our puppy kennel set-up, you can watch this eight-minute video: You might also want to check our "Altmoor Outings" section.

"P4" Litter vom Altmoor (our 94th DD litter)

Whelped 17 June 2016
5 males, 4 females
These pups started going to their new homes on 6 August, and as of 20 August, one male and one female are still available.
They will be adding to your gamebag by mid-December.

Ingrid IV vom AltmoorDam: / Ingrid IV vom Altmoor Photos
224372 Brsch (ML: Isarau-Auenheim PP)
ZR 157/14 sg (10) / sg (9) [ 58 cm tall/ 60 cm long]
DOB 1/31/14
VJP 59 & 68
HZP 173
HD-frei, OCD-frei, ED-frei
DNA tested: vWD & CHB Clear, homozygous for beard See DNA Results
N- 10; S-11; P-10; D-10; C-11
View Pedigree

Sire: / Eddy vom Millerhaus ("Ely") 212652 64168 Brsch (ML: Oeynhausen-vom Walde St)
DOB 01.02.2010
VJP 70, HZP 178 / 178 Armbruster, VGP II/293TF, HD-frei, OCD-frei, ZR# 221/10 sg (11) / sg (10) [65cm tall / 66cm long]
N-11; S-10; P-11; D-11; C-10
VWD DNA tested - view lab report
View Pedigree

Ingrid is a seventh generation vom Altmoor bundle of energy out of our Pixie III and our Storm III.  Roger feels that she consistently shows about 97th percentile field search and duck search and about 99th percentile nose.  She is as cooperative in the field as a dog can be – always ranging at full speed at distances appropriate to the cover and ALWAYS with one eye on the handler.  A toot on the whistle or a wave of the hand and she’s on her way wherever you want.  Whether it’s quail, pheasant or woodcock in New Jersey, grouse and woodcock in Michigan, or huns, sharptail, and pheasant in Montana, she’s hunting as hard at the end of the day as she was at the beginning.  No matter the distance or how long it’s been out of sight, a crippled duck has no chance of getting away.  She is always friendly with other dogs and every person she has ever met.  She does everything with enthusiasm and when she wags her tail it starts at her nose. Ingrid has received 11's in Field Search and Cooperation, is HD- and OCD-frei, is clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders, and is homozygous for beard (does not carry the smooth gene and will produce only bearded pups).

Eddy vom Millerhaus (call name Ely) first caught our eye when Nancy was the Senior Judge at his VJP (and Roger was the Test Director). While we did spend time with him again at training days, we really didn’t care how high he would score in the fall tests. If his scores were at all acceptable, he was going to be in our breeding program. That’s how fantastic his temperament and looks are. When you meet him and he wags his tail, it’s not just his tail that wags, it’s his whole body! And, field or water, it’s immediately very obvious that this is a dog that’s going to get the job done FOR YOU, not just for himself. We have also spent some time with his sire, Mento, who has a superb coat (rated 12) and great temperament. We have to admit that Ely also very much struck us as being a male version of our Suzy.

He has received 11's in Nose, Pointing, Desire, and Duck Search (in both the regular HZP and the Armbruster), as well as 10's in Tracking, Field Search, and Cooperation. He is rated 11 in Conformation and 10 in Coat and was measured at 65 cm tall and 66cm long. He is rated HD-frei and is clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders.

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