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Details on our last 2014 spring breeding can be found in the announcement below. In our summaries for each parent, on the third line under each dog's name are the highest scores received in a VDD/JGHV test in the categories of Nose (N), Field Search (S), Pointing (P), Duck Track (D), and Cooperation (C). With certain exceptions, the highest score that can be obtained in these categories is 11 in the breed tests (where "very good" is scored 9-11). We've linked to additional photos of each dog next to their names in the litter announcement. You can get an idea of what they look like, and what we all do for fun. If you'd like to see our puppy kennel set-up, youi can watch this eight-minute video: You might also want to check our "Altmoor Outings" section.

The parents of the K4 litter are Ottavia III vom Altmoor ("Tavi") and Eddy vom Millrhaus ("Ely") This is Tavi's sixth litter for us. Since Tavi will turn 8 years old this October, this K4 litter will be her last, in keeping with the VDD breeding regulations. It will the fourth litter Ely has sired for us and he has sired three other VDD litters. The pups will be braunschimmel (liver roan). Their breed test year will be 2015.

If the timing of the K4 litter isn't right for you, be advised that we are now starting to take reservations for the next breeding season, which begins 1 October 2014. This has to do with the age requirements for the German Breed Tests. Our girls make their own decisions as to when they will come into heat, so we can't predict which bitches will be bred when. We may have a litter in October, or not until December or January. When you reserve a pup it will be for a pup of a certain sex, but not from a particular female. Then, when we notify you that we have conducted a breeding, you can decide whether to stay on the list for that breeding or wait and see which will be next. Effective with our L4 litter, base price per pup will be $1400.

As of mid-year 2014, our girls Nike and Tavi are retired from breeding. Females which we MAY breed during the '14-15 season include Pixie, Talei, Wendy, and Cara. By checking our Litter Archive section you can learn more about each of these, except Cara, who is yet to be bred for the first time.

You can find out more about Cara's breeding by looking at the C4 litter. A very brief profile of Cara is that her VJP scores were 68 and 71; HZP's: 184, 172, and 175 (Armbruster). She has earned 11's in Track, Nose, Field Search (Armbruster), Cooperation, Desire, and Duck Search (twice, including the Armbruster with Ulrich Augstein on the judging team). The next to youngest dog at the Armbruster, she was rated 11 in conformation and 10 in coat (ZR 216/12). She is vWD, ED and OCD clear, and HD-frei A. Like all of our girls Cara is very special. She was whelped on 26 June and yet did exceedingly well in the breed tests, especially when you consider that some of the dogs she ran with were as much as 8 months older.

We will not be announcing which stud dog we will be using with which female because it is always our preference to wait until the very last moment to decide which would be best. Sometimes a new rising star will become certified for breeding just before a bitch is ready, and at other times a proven performer from the past still seems the best option. We generally come from the school of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," as opposed to "the grass is always greener..." mindset. Breeding dogs remains more art than science, and we think our decades of experience and values as to what's important and what's not have served us, and our owners, admirably.

"K4" Litter vom Altmoor (our 89th DD litter)

Whelped 5 June 2014
3 males, 5 females
Will be hunting December 2014, breed test year is 2015.
As of 08/09/14, three females are available. Please email us at if you're interested. Please include a sentence or two about the kinds of hunting you do, as well as your dog background. If you would like to see what the girls look like, here's a video of Kaily, Kassi and Kora at 8 weeks:
Here are some photos of them at 9 weeks of age >>

Dam: Ottavia III vom Altmoor ("Tavi") 201632 Brsch (ML: Grenzschutz-Löwenberg-Auenheim PP) Slide Show
For more Tavi action pics, see Altmoor Outings
VJP 77, HZP 0 & 191, VGP 0, HD-frei, ZR 321/06 g/sg
N-11; S-11; P-11; D-11; C-11
vWD DNA tested - view lab report
out of vWD and CHB clear parents
view dam's lab report (Yana II vom Altmoor) / view sire's lab report (Birko v.d. Fürstenruh)
View Pedigree

Sire: Eddy vom Millerhaus ("Ely") 212652 64168 Brsch (ML: Isarau-Auenheim PP)
VJP 70, HZP 178 / 178 Armbruster,VGP II/293TF, HD-frei, OCD-frei, ZR# 221/10 sg (11) / sg (10) [65cm tall / 66cm long]
N-11; S-10; P-11; D-11; C-10
VWD DNA tested - view lab report
View Pedigree

All 30 dogs on this pedigree are HD-frei and 26 have ZR ratings.

Tavi (Ottavia III vom Altmoor) was Nancy’s favorite in the O3 litter. She has the sweet and cuddly disposition that we hope for in all Altmoor dogs - something we hope you’ll be able to see from her photos; you can see from her eyes and facial expression what a loving character she has. Since there are a lot more non-hunting than hunting days in the year, we feel that companion qualities are at least as important as hunting abilities, and Tavi is a favorite wherever she goes.

Tavi’s pedigree goes back to one of our foundation bitches Inca (Balla vom Norden See) as well as to our first German import stud, Dago v. Hommersum, who, for this litter, would be seven generations back. Tavi’s pedigree also includes Lady vom Grenzschutz, a female we imported as a pup from a highly-respected German kennel. Nik (Nikolai vom Altmoor) is a stud we bred and owned and used extensively; he was one of those once in a lifetime dogs that was simply outstanding in every regard, and he appears on both sides of the pedigree. Nik would melt at your touch, and yet be a ball of fire in the field, but he’d always have one eye on you, and one goal - to do exactly what you wanted. Tavi's mother, Yana II, produced five litters for us with three different studs. Tavi is from her mother's last litter, which was a repeat breeding. We pretty much knew what we were going to get with that breeding, and Tavi was our pick of the litter puppy, chosen to continue her parents' contribution to our breeding program. The first thing everybody notices about Tavi is how happy and friendly she is. The next thing they remark on is her drive - everything is done at speed, with incredible agility, and with absolute joy in the job she is doing, whether making game or making a retrieve. Tavi is the dog who brings a smile to everybody's face when they are around her. You can't help it - about a minute and a half after watching her in the field or water, or just being around her, it's a natural reaction. She has earned 11's in Track, Nose, Search, Pointing, Search Behind the Duck, and Cooperation. She is rated loud on scent track. Tavi placed sixth overall in the 2008 International Armbruster. (The Armbruster is a special VDD HZP with entries limited to the highest scoring and most typical looking VJP pups that year; there were 30-some entries in the 2008 Armbruster.) Tavi is also trained as a blood-tracking dog for recovering wounded hoofed-game while on lead and is licensed for this use in NJ. In her slide show, you'll see a shot from her first "real" track - a spike buck that she located on a 16-hour old blood track. More recently, she was started after dark on a blood track and took it for about two hours. We then took her back mid-morning of the next day and she continued the blood track for well over another mile and a half, mostly through cedar swamp hummocks and a huge flooded meadow, until she produced the deer. Roger watched the huge buck bound off for a couple hundred yards, apparently none the worse for wear. We then walked back to the truck on as straight a line as possible - the Astro said that Tavi had traveled 5.8 miles from the first moment she had been put on the track. She is rated “Good” in Conformation and “Very Good” in Coat. Her mid-hunting season weight is around 50 pounds, and she’s 23 inches (59 cm) at the shoulder.

We're sometimes asked about Tavi's two test "zeros". If you're a "score studier" you'll note that she did not pass one of her HZP's and a VGP. You should first understand that in our system, a failure to complete any single phase results in a zero for the entire test. In our opinion, the HZP was not Tavi's fault at all. She would not go out on the rabbit drag, something she normally does with high passion. At this particular test, it was the first test phase of the day, and she was put on it within minutes of a very harsh dental exam which was obviously painful to her, and the previously frozen rabbit that was used had been stored with other game and wrapped in newspaper, changing its scent to something totally unfamiliar. In spite of this mishap, the judges still gave her overall scores for Desire and Cooperation on that day as 10 and 11 respectively. At the International Armbruster just 10 days later, where things were done normally, she achieved an HZP score of 191, which is a fantastic score in anyone's book. As far as her VGP goes, Nancy thought she had Tavi very well prepared, but this one was a bit out of the ordinary. It was held on 17 October 2009 in Houtzdale PA near State College. The weather was so unusual that it was even featured on the national news - it was the earliest measurable snow of any winter season on record for that area, with snowfall amounts of 4 - 8 inches still ongoing during the test, along with strong winds and unseasonable cold. Tavi blasted off into the first phase of the test - field work and steadiness evaluation - in "whoopee" first-snow-of-the-season mode. Her exuberance, combined with a planted chukar that was buried in the snow, for which she held steady while Nancy and the judges attempted to find it unsuccessfully, and which she of course caught when Nancy released her from the "Whoa", resulted in a complete failure of her whoa training on subsequent birds. We all know that steadiness is a continuing process, and Tavi sure went backwards that day. By the end of the first 3 hours, all the judges and most of the handlers had taken tumbles on the slick hillsides and when it became apparent that Tavi would not have a passing score, Nancy withdrew her in order to expedite the test so that the judges and remaining handlers would not have to be subjected to the weather any longer than strictly necessary. As it turned out, every single dog failed the test that weekend anyway. So the moral of the story is that while high scores in every test are something we all hope for, sometimes things happen for which the dog really shouldn't be faulted. As far as we're concerned these two situations fall into that category.

Eddy vom Millerhaus (call name Ely) first caught our eye when Nancy was the Senior Judge at his VJP (and Roger was the Test Director). While we did spend time with him again at training days, we really didn’t care how high he would score in the fall tests. If his scores were at all acceptable, he was going to be in our breeding program. That’s how fantastic his temperament and looks are. When you meet him and he wags his tail, it’s not just his tail that wags, it’s his whole body! And, field or water, it’s immediately very obvious that this is a dog that’s going to get the job done FOR YOU, not just for himself. We have also spent some time with his sire, Mento, who has a superb coat (rated 12) and great temperament. We have to admit that Eli also very much struck us as being a male version of our Suzy. Although we have access to exceptionally nice studs closer to home, Ely's bubbly personality often puts him at the top of our list.

He has received 11's in Nose, Pointing, Desire, and Duck Search (in both the regular HZP and the Armbruster), as well as 10's in Tracking, Field Search, and Cooperation. He is rated 11 in Conformation and 10 in Coat and was measured at 65 cm tall and 66cm long. He is rated HD-frei B and is clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders.

Ely is the sire of the J litter Millerhaus, the A litter Grimmhaus, the A litter Carverhaus, and the C4, F4, G4, and K4 litters vom Altmoor. If you're a fan of dark eyes, while the photos don't do them justice, both Tavi and Ely have eyes about as dark as we've ever seen in braunschimmel (liver roan) DD's.


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