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Upcoming Breedings

The K4 Litter vom Altmoor (our 89th VDD litter) was whelped on 5 June 2014 and was the last of the 2013-2014 breeding season. Our next matings for the 2014-2015 breeding year could begin any time now as our girls come into heat. We expect to breed Talei, Pixie, Wendy and Cara between now and next spring. With the exception of Cara, who has not yet had a litter, you can find profiles of each of the girls in our past litter announcements in the Litter Archive section. We will not be announcing which stud we'll be using until the matings have actually taken place

In our summaries for each parent, on the third line under each dog's name are the highest scores received in a VDD/JGHV test in the categories of Nose (N), Field Search (S), Pointing (P), Duck Track (D), and Cooperation (C). With certain exceptions, the highest score that can be obtained in these categories is 11 in the breed tests (where "very good" is scored 9-11). We've linked to additional photos of each dog next to their names in the litter announcement. If you'd like to see our puppy kennel set-up, you can watch this eight-minute video: You might also want to check our "Altmoor Outings" section.

Effective with litters whelped after 1 Oct 2014, prices of our pups will range from $1,250 to perhaps $1,500. The range of prices will have nothing at all to do with the potential quality of the pups - they'll all be uniform in that regard. The price difference from one litter to another be entirely related to the costs involved with using different studs - stud fee and travel. Each litter announcement will clearly state the costs of the pups in that litter.We have now begun to take "soft" reservations for these breedings by desired sex of pup, but not by dam. In other words, shoot us an email with a couple sentences about the kinds of hunting you do and whatever background you have with dogs, and tell us you'd like to reserve a male or female from our winter/spring breedings. We'll then pencil you in on our reservation list and notify you when a breeding has taken place and the price of those pups. You can then decide whether or not to firm up your reservation and send a deposit or wait for another litter, or change your mind entirely. The second option is to simply email us that you'd like to be kept informed of future breedings, and we'll shoot you out a notice as they occur. In either case we will not be accepting reservation fees until there has been a breeding. And, in both cases we'd very much appreciate it if you let us know immediately if you change your mind.

We will not be announcing which stud dog we will be using with which female because it is always our preference to wait until the very last moment to decide which would be best. Sometimes a new rising star will become certified for breeding just before a bitch is ready, and at other times a proven performer from the past still seems the best option. We generally come from the school of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," as opposed to "the grass is always greener..." mindset. Breeding dogs remains more art than science, and we think our decades of experience and values as to what's important and what's not have served us, and our owners, admirably.

We've already mentioned that you can find more info about Talei, Pixie, and Wendy in the Litter Archive section, so here we'll just do a mini-profile of Cara. You can find out more about Cara's breeding by looking at the C4 litter. A very brief profile of Cara is that her VJP scores were 68 and 71; HZP's: 184, 172, and 175 (Armbruster). She has earned 11's in Track, Nose, Field Search (Armbruster), Cooperation, Desire, and Duck Search (twice, including the Armbruster with Ulrich Augstein on the judging team). The next to youngest dog at the Armbruster, she was rated 11 in conformation and 10 in coat (ZR 216/12). She is vWD, ED and OCD clear, and HD-frei A. Like all of our girls Cara is very special. She was whelped on 26 June and yet did exceedingly well in the breed tests, especially when you consider that some of the dogs she ran with were as much as 8 months older.


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