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In our summaries for each parent, on the third line under each dog's name are the highest scores received in a VDD/JGHV test in the categories of Nose (N), Field Search (S), Pointing (P), Duck Track (D), and Cooperation (C). With certain exceptions, the highest score that can be obtained in these categories is 11 in the breed tests (where "very good" is scored 9-11). We've linked to additional photos of each dog next to their names in the litter announcement. If you'd like to see our puppy kennel set-up, you can watch this eight-minute video: You might also want to check our "Altmoor Outings" section.

Effective1 January 2015, prices of our pups will range from $1,250 to $1,500. The range of prices will have nothing at all to do with the potential quality of the pups - they'll all be uniform in that regard. The price difference from one litter to another is entirely related to the costs involved with using different studs - stud fee and travel. Each litter announcement clearly states the cost of the pups in that litter. If you would like to reserve a pup from a particular litter, shoot us an email with a couple sentences about the kinds of hunting you do, your family situation, whatever background you have with dogs, and tell us you'd like to reserve a male or female from that breeding. Please mention where you live.

Wendy and Cara will not be bred this spring because they came into heat at the same time as Pixie and Talei. We may breed them in the late summer or fall if the timing won't conlict with our western hunt plans. You can find information on Wendy in the Litter Archive Section as the mother of the G4 litter (bred to Ely). We’re also working on a profile for Cara, who has never been bred before, and in the meantime you can check our Cara Page.

"L4" Litter vom Altmoor (our 90th DD litter)

Whelped 16 March 2015 - $1250 each
1 male, 9 females
ready to go home around 4 May

As of 6 June, all the L4's are in their new homes.

Pixie III vom Altmoor
Dam: / Pixie III vom Altmoor 203395 Brsch (ML: Isarau-Auenheim PP) More Photos
DOB 15.03.2007
VJP 77, HZP 179/184/189, HD-frei, ZR 098/07 sg (10) / g (8)
N-11; S-11; P-11; D-11; C-11
vWD DNA tested - view lab report
out of vWD and CHB clear parents or grandparents
view dam's lab report (Angie vom Altmoor) / view sire's parents' lab reports (Kane vom Dan-Son)
View Pedigree

Sire: / Eddy vom Millerhaus ("Ely") 212652 64168 Brsch (ML: Isarau-Auenheim PP)
DOB 01.02.2010
VJP 70, HZP 178 / 178 Armbruster,VGP II/293TF, HD-frei, OCD-frei, ZR# 221/10 sg (11) / sg (10) [65cm tall / 66cm long]
N-11; S-10; P-11; D-11; C-10
VWD DNA tested - view lab report
View Pedigree

All 30 dogs on the L4 pedigree are HD-frei and 27 have ZR ratings.

Both Pixie and Ely are HD-free and clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders. Both of them have exceptional temperaments and have passed this on to their previous offspring. They have the sweet and cuddly dispositions that we hope for in all Altmoor dogs - there are a lot more non-hunting than hunting days in the year, and companion qualities are at least as important as hunting abilities.

On Pixie’s side, the pedigree goes back to two of our foundation bitches, Inca and Molly (Balla and Bee vom Norden See). She is a wonderfully happy dog, all wiggles and tail-wagging. She has never met anyone - human or dog - that she didn't like. She was very easy to train, and is an exceptional tracking dog. She demonstrated her abilities in the water early on, making blind retrieves that were every bit as difficult as the ones being made by the older dogs. She has been Roger's kayaking and duck-hunting buddy, and hunts grouse and pheasant for both Roger and Nancy. She handles both beautifully, with a long nose, staunch point, and cautious manners. She has shown herself to be as calm and biddable in the kayak as she is in the field and duck blind. Pixie is one of those go-anywhere, do-anything dogs: an easy travel companion, friendly, calm, always happy, and yet an indefatigable hunting partner. She never quits, never gets an "attitude", is just quite simply one of the best dogs you'll ever meet.

Pixie has earned 11's in Track, Nose, Search, Pointing, Duck Search, and Cooperation. She placed 11th out of 32 dogs in the 2008 Armbruster. (The International Armbruster Zuchtprüfung is an invitational fall breed test, hosted each year by VDD-GNA.) She has produced one Prize 1, 310 point, VGP dog, Uschi III vom Altmoor.

Eddy vom Millerhaus (call name Ely) first caught our eye when Nancy was the Senior Judge at his VJP (and Roger was the Test Director). While we did spend time with him again at training days, we really didn’t care how high he would score in the fall tests. If his scores were at all acceptable, he was going to be in our breeding program. That’s how fantastic his temperament and looks are. When you meet him and he wags his tail, it’s not just his tail that wags, it’s his whole body! And, field or water, it’s immediately very obvious that this is a dog that’s going to get the job done FOR YOU, not just for himself. We have also spent some time with his sire, Mento, who has a superb coat (rated 12) and great temperament. We have to admit that Ely also very much struck us as being a male version of our Suzy. Although we have access to exceptionally nice studs closer to home, Ely's bubbly personality often puts him at the top of our list.

He has received 11's in Nose, Pointing, Desire, and Duck Search (in both the regular HZP and the Armbruster), as well as 10's in Tracking, Field Search, and Cooperation. He is rated 11 in Conformation and 10 in Coat and was measured at 65 cm tall and 66cm long. He is rated HD-frei B and is clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders.

Ely is the sire of a number of litters produced by several other breeders, as well as the C4, F4, G4, and K4 litters vom Altmoor.




"M4" Litter vom Altmoor (our 91st DD litter)

Expected 17 March 2015 - $1500 each
3 males, 6 females
ready to go home around 5 May

As of 23 May, all the M4's are in their new homes.

The M4 (Talei x Vico) breeding is quite unique. It puts together two parents which are the products of generations of experienced breeding from a North American breeder (Altmoor) and a German breeder (Donaueck) - Vico IV vom Donaueck will be the father of the M4 vom Altmoor litter. Vico was imported by his Wisconsin owner after much research, as a completely trained and tested stud dog with the intent of making available genetics which weren’t commonly available in this country. There were some very significant costs involved in his purchase and importation, as you can imagine. (And the stud fee and travel costs associated with breeding to him are quite high. There are a half-dozen or more relatively local studs that we could have used to produce excellent companion gun dogs at much less expense.) It’s our intention, if the right one appears, to keep a female from this litter for our breeding program, combining the genetics of some of the best from both continents. That is not to say that the pups themselves will be superior to those in any of our other breedings – it’s the genetics that we’re after for our personal use down the road. If you have an interest in raising and training a pup for potential breeding, this pedigree might give you something that would be difficult to match. In addition to Pixie and Talei themselves, we already have one Talei x Ely daughter in our breeding program (Cara IV), one Pixie x Storm (son of Tavi) pup (Ingrid IV) coming along, and Wendy (Tavi x Luger [Paladin III – Pixie’s brother]). So, you can see that we like what we’ve been doing. With the Talei x Vico breeding we’ll be including some things that are a little different, but based on an incredible amount of combined breeder experience.

Dam: >Talei III vom Altmoor 210191 Brsch (ML: Grenzschutz-Löwenberg-Auenheim PP)
DOB 09.04.2009, spurlaut
More Photos
VJP 77, HZP 190, HD-frei, ZR# 302/09 sg (10) / sg (10) [57cm tall / 57cm long]
N-11; S-11; P-11; D-11; C-11
vWD DNA tested - view lab report
as well as out of vWD and CHB clear parents
view dam's lab report (Mira II vom Altmoor) / view sire's lab report (Avery vom Graceland)
View Pedigree

/| Vico IV vom Donaueck 219297 65424 Brsch (ML: Donaueck-Saarforst DK) Photos
DOB 14.03.2012, sichtlaut
VJP 75, HZP 193, VGP I/336 TF, HD-frei, OCD-frei, ED-frei, ZR # 261/12 sg (11) / sg (11) [66cm / 68cm]
N-11; S-11; P-11; D-11; C-11
VWD DNA tested - view lab report
as well as out of vWD-clear parents
View Pedigree

All 30 dogs on the M4 pedigree are HD-frei and 28 have ZR ratings.



Talei III vom Altmoor is the product of decades of Altmoor breedings. Her grandmother, Suzy, is our website cover girl, and perhaps Roger’s lifetime favorite gundog. (Please don’t tell Talei.) Her mother, Mira, likewise was one of those “once in a lifetime” dogs, with which we’ve partnered more than our fair share (we would say “owned” instead of “partnered”, but it’s really more a case of them owning us, rather than the other way around.) Talei is the latest of our “once in a lifetime” dogs.

Talei’s pedigree includes Altmoor dogs going back six generations to our foundation bitches, Inca and Molly. We’ve hunted grouse and waterfowl with her dad, Gunnar, many times, and have spent innumerable hours with him; you’ll never find a dog with a better temperament.

If you like a plodding dog that wanders around in the field, Talei is not your speed. Except for in the house on the sofa, she only knows how to do things one way, and that’s super-fast with every ounce of her being. Think Mighty Mouse in a dog costume. At one test the Senior Judge (a former GNA Director of Testing) remarked, “That dog just ain’t got no quit in her.” And, it’s true. She’ll take a cottontail scent trail 500 yards, loud all the way - she has received the scent loud (spurlaut) designation. At four months of age, she was doing multiple unmarked water blind retrieves out to 100 yards - VGP (Utility) level work. Members of our duck lease have watched in awe as she made her fifth retrieve of crippled ducks shot two hours earlier, at about 600 yards from the fall. But, the difference between Talei and the rare other dogs with her level of drive and determination is that Talei ALWAYS has one eye on her handler. She’s never beyond the appropriate range in a field search situation and checks back frequently. If she jumps a deer, she’ll stand and watch it run off with just one word. Say her name and she’ll do a 180 in mid-air and start back to you. Even without steadiness training, she’ll hold her point 'til you get there, and will happily and willingly make the retrieve, even of Canadas. With just the tiniest amount of training, she’s become quite the shed dog, finding at least one on every little jaunt, and we’ve watched in amazement as she actually dug one shed out of a freshwater marsh on our lease, which looked like it had been there at least two or three years.

In spite of the fact that some of her siblings are toward the larger side of the breed standard, Talei is just a little girl, measuring right at the minimum of 57 cm (22.4") for the shoulder height of the breed standard. Her normal weight is right around 50 lbs. In her Breed Show she was scored 10 in Conformation and 10 in Coat, and measured square. We’re fairly certain that, if you were to add together the VJP and HZP scores of all the DD’s tested in the USA and Canada in 2010, you would find that Talei, with her 77 in VJP and 190 in HZP (with straight 11's in the natural ability subjects) was the highest scoring of all. She has received 11's in Tracking, Nose, Search, Pointing, Cooperation, Desire, and Duck Search. In fact, in both VJP and HZP she earned 11's in every natural ability category in both tests. Hip-wise, she’s got the highest rating of HD-frei A, and, of course, is clear of the hereditary bleeding disorders.

With Vico IV vom Donaueck, it was a case of love at first sight for Nancy. She met him at the 2014 stud dog show in Eau Claire, where he was presented by owner Keith Kneser. He is not only strikingly handsome, but has a calm, self-confident personality. Big as he is (66cm) his preferred way of being petted and examined was to crawl into Nancy's lap. Vico has since more than proven himself during the 2014 hunting seasons, breaking ice with impunity for waterfowl retrieves and pointing birds for Keith. Like Talei, he scored straight 11's in his HZP natural ability subjects. Four weeks later, he passed his VGP (utility test) with perfect scores in all subjects, and also earned the dead game guide designation (Bringselverweiser). It is a truly impressive achievement. A high-drive, high-scoring VJP and HZP dog, who can go through VGP in his HZP year at 18 months of age and pull down a perfect score is the epitome of the kind of talent and temperament that are hallmarks of the best the breed has to offer. Vico came along after shoulder and elbow evaluations were made mandatory, so in addition to being HD-frei, he is also OCD-frei and ED-frei, as well being DNA-tested for vWD and out of vWD-clear parents.

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