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Upcoming Litters

Our next breedings will most likely take place in January 2016, with pups hitting the ground in March, and ready to go home in May. These will be our N4, O4,and P4. This, of course, all depends on when the girls decide to come into heat.  If the timing works out right, we will be likely to breed Wendy, Cara, and Talei, probably in that order.  We will not be deciding on which stud we’ll use for each breeding until the last moment.  If you would like more information on Wendy and Talei you can find them in our Litter Archive section.  Wendy is the mother of our G4 litter, and Talei is the mother of our C4, H4, and M4 litters. Cara has not been bred before, but you can find more about her on our Cara Page.

If you would like to be notified when we start conducting these breedings just send us an email with your name, address, phone number, and a couple of sentences about your dog and hunting background, as well as your family situation. (Please be sure to read our Costs and Guarantees and Buyer Prerequisites first.)   We will acknowledge your email and keep your information on file, and will get in touch the moment there’s some action. If your interest in obtaining an Altmoor pup is more determined than just asking for breeding updates, we are starting a tentative reservation list in pencil, with no deposit now. If you’re 90% certain you’ll be wanting an Altmoor pup roughly within the above time frames, let us know which sex (if you have a preference) and that you’d like to be on the reservation list.         

As you begin your search you may also want to purchase a copy of our Drahthaar Puppy Manual – it will help you to understand what the VDD system is all about.               

As you research our Litter Archive section, note that in our summaries for each parent, on the third line under each dog's name, are the highest scores received in a VDD/JGHV test in the categories of Nose (N), Field Search (S), Pointing (P), Duck Track (D), and Cooperation (C). With certain exceptions, the highest score that can be obtained in these categories is 11 in the breed tests (where "very good" is scored 9-11). We've linked to additional photos of each dog next to their names in the litter announcement. If you'd like to see our puppy kennel set-up, you can watch this eight-minute video: You might also want to check our "Altmoor Outings" section.


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